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Fereos + Associates is an international studio practicing architecture in its modern form. Based primarily in Cyprus and Greece the studio has studied more than 400 projects in its 38 years of service. The rich spectrum of Greek architectural forms inhabiting the Hellenic space and their logical continuity through the ages, have inspired and guided many of our approaches in designing and utilizing space.

Our span of practice ranges from interior design and small scale projects to large scale structures and master plans. Since 1968 Fereos + Associates has studied many projects including residences, office buildings, commercial buildings, education facilities, health structures, industrial buildings, hotels, tourist compounds, housing complexes and urban design projects. Also our studio has accumulated long experience in projects of specific character such as temples, monuments and reconstruction of historical heritage buildings.

Founded in 1968 the studio is led by Mr. Haris Fereos architect Ph.D, alongside with many professional associated architects and consultants. Our international practice is handled by our main offices in Cyprus and Greece. Through the years our studio has participated in many competitions and has received four first prizes and many other awards. Our work has been published in local and some international architecture and style magazines.

The studio is also practicing architecture in its theoretical form including many books essays and articles based on historical research and aspects on the aesthetic approach of architecture.



The community of Oroklini finds itself in the province of Larnaca on the left of the National Road to Protaras. The evolution of this village both economically and socially required the creation of a community centre to accommodate municipal services and also services of social character and events. The design was produced in a way to symbolize the dynamism of this rapidly developing community.

Apart from the administration offices the building includes a library and a reading room equipped with modern computer network.  It also includes a gallery room and an odeum for lectures and theatrical presentations. The buildings morphology consists mainly from intense cantilevers, stone work from natural stone, surfaces with fair faced concrete and glass surfaces. The theatre has a capacity for 300 individuals and is placed almost detached from the remainder building so it can be used independently.


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N. Mylona Residence

High quality homes built in one of the greenest locations of Nicosia. Engomi has always been the ideal place for families who want to be near the city and at the same time enjoy the quality of quiet and green neighborhood. These homes are carefully designed to meet the true quality standards between design, functionality and materials. Every single detail has been taken into account to create a perfect home at a perfect location for those who want to combine beauty and living in a reasonable price.

Residence in Fhini

The plot of this work is found along a slope with southern orientation precisely before the entrance of the village Fhini in the street karvounas-platron. The place, as well as the topography of the landscape, have played a very important role in the final result. The building adopts a discreet morphology in relation to the street using simple and clear shape forms, unlikely to the south, where light has free access.